My first character (can't finish it right now)

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My first character (can't finish it right now) Empty My first character (can't finish it right now)

Post by BlackHawk on Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:02 pm

Name: Cameron Pence
Age: 15
Mom/Dad: none
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Body Shape: thin
Skin Color: pale
Flaws: likes to play pranks, memory loss, has too much pride
Skills: has a lot of knowledge, pain resistance, steel grip
Country Of Origin: USA
Pets: none
Date of Transform: March 10th, 1999
Life Before Vampirism: Cameron lived with his mom for most of his life in a small town with his younger brother. He found a flyer for a freak show that was going on, he never went and it changed his life. He left his town and traveled to Illinois. He was living a happy life for two years when one night, he found a vampire. He was immediatly turned into a full vampire.
RP example: I walk in and hid behind the dumpster. I see the guy walk down the alley and past my dumpster, i jump out at him and knock him out. I bit into his arm and drank, i pull back and wipe my mouth, i put my mouth on his wound and rub my finger over it healing it. I stand up and walk away. I hover up to the roof tops and look over the lights of town, i run and dash between the roof tops. I stop and spot a vampaneze.
Notes about your character: none

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My first character (can't finish it right now) Empty Re: My first character (can't finish it right now)

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